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Cures for Midsummer Boredom

Midsummer days seem to linger even longer when the kids are bored. Keep them occupied with these activities packed with fun projects and healthy messages.

Midsummer days seem to linger even longer when the kids are bored. Keep them occupied with Whole Kids Foundation® activities packed with fun projects and healthy messages.

Read Your Way through Lazy Days

Rah, Rah, Radishes!  Bookcover

Give kids a reason to say “hooray!” for all the bountiful, beautiful summer veggies celebrated in our book club selection: Rah, Rah, Radishes! by April Pulley Sayre. Kids love the rhythmic vegetable chant, and the sounds and images make a great opening to start conversations about the importance of eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Our accompanying activity sheet also provides fun projects (e.g. write your own veggie poem) and talking points to get the entire family in on the healthy discussion. Visit our website for more book club titles to keep kids reading about healthy eating.Download the Kids’ Book Club Reading Tips and Activities (PDF).

Delight Kids’ Senses with Seasonal Tastes

With so many colorful, flavorful veggies and fruits in season right now, it’s the perfect time to “Eat Something Raw” as recommended in our recent edition of Better Bites. Let your child choose a few raw foods to add to your usual shopping list. Eating something raw helps to bring a balanced rainbow of colors to the table — plus many raw foods are easy for kids to prepare on their own (you’re off the hook, parents!). They’re usually less expensive with more nutrition bang for each buck, compared to processed foods.

Better Bites: Eat Something Raw

Download the Better Bites: Eat Something Raw (PDF).Make It Fun to Craft Healthy Routines

When routines disappear and kids graze their way through long, open-ended summer days — the vending machine at camp, popcorn at the movies, freezer pops by the pool — it’s easy to lose track of what everyone in the family is eating. Get healthy habits back on track while having some crafty fun with a handmade ScrapKins Healthy Eating Journal for each family member. (Oh yes, mom and dad can get in on this action too). The journals are easy to make with items rescued from the recycling bin, and they make a great daily conversation starter at the dining table too.

Creating? Reading? Cooking? What have you and the kids been doing this summer to stay on track? Share your adventures below.

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