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Hey there. It's The Whole Deal™; value tips time again! If you haven't checked out all of the fantastic tips for saving while shopping at Whole Foods Market, you've got to go to The Whole Deal opens in a new tab™. We only choose a few tips to feature here each week and there are tons more innovative ideas out there. Read them over and if you have your own tip, post it on the page opens in a new tab. If your tip is chosen to feature here on Whole Story, you'll receive a $25 gift card! Drum roll, please, for this week's featured tips:

On my last trip to Spain, I discovered egg dishes for supper! That's right! Main course egg dishes! Spain has had generations that, out of necessity, have had to conserve funds, so eggs became popular for dinner, since they're an extremely inexpensive source of protein. Try a Spanish Potato Omelet recipe [ed: Here's a version from the Whole Foods Market recipe section.] - you might be very pleasantly surprised - It's fabulous!-Lynne

There are several ways that I try to save money as well as not waste food. One way is to go shopping more often, then I can go in for what I am in the mood for that night or next few days and not waste. I also purchase products that are in season and that whole foods is featuring that week. It also helps to buy products that are 365 brand and things that won't spoil such as tuna, beans, and boxed pasta or rice. I also love to use coupons. Whole foods distributes Mambo Sprouts coupon book for free several times a year and you can also go to the manufacturers website and print coupons. My favorites are Stonyfield, organic valley, and seventh generation.-Laura

Hello to all! :) We have 6 growing boys; needless to say, we're always working on ways to stretch our food dollars! One of the best things we've done is used hot cereal instead of cold cereal. Hot cereal is better for you, more filling & costs way less versus cold cereal. Oatmeal is our perennial favorite, & steel cut oats are tastier than rolled oats. Steel cut are also less expensive, so we save $$. Find them in the bulk section at Whole Foods! They do take 30 minutes to cook, but are so easy to make ahead of time for a few mornings. Frozen berries, bananas, brown sugar, etc. are great additions. Once in a blue moon, when we buy cold cereal, it is a nice treat instead of the everyday! Homemade granola is fun to experiment with, too!-Beth

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