Delicious This Week: Organic Bartlett Pears

From entrées and desserts to salads and snacking, celebrate Organic Harvest Month by trying some of these flavorful recipe ideas for sweet and juicy organic Bartlett pears.

When your best-laid plans go awry, there’s a British expression — “gone pear shaped” — that applies. But what applies when your plans go “a-ripe”? I’ll happily have things go pear shaped if you’re talking about organic Bartlett pears! Sweet and juicy with a uniquely toothsome texture, these pears are delicious either raw or cooked and pair naturally with roasted meats, root vegetables, whole grains and cheese. You know what makes organic pears even better? Knowing that choosing organic produce helps support farmers who believe in growing without the use of toxic persistent pesticides. It’s a win-win for everyone, from the farm worker to the farm to your family — and future generations too. If you love pears, we’ve got plenty of tips and recipes for you to try pairing juicy organic Bartlett pears with some new flavors:


Want to impress guests by free-styling on a wing and a pear? Here are some tips to add pears to your picnics and parties:

  • Pears step up interest in sandwiches and salads. Add slices to smoked turkey sandwiches and salads with blue cheese crumbles and walnuts. Pears go particularly well on top of bitter salad greens, like arugula, radicchio, watercress, dandelion greens and frisée.

  • For an easy and elegant appetizer, top whole grain crackers with sliced ripe pears and your favorite full-flavored cheese.

  • Shred firm, not-quite-ripe pears with carrot and daikon radish. Toss with mirin, cilantro and sriracha for a sweet-and-spicy slaw – a refreshing addition to picnic-ready cold noodle dishes or pasta salads and sandwiches.

Organic Bartlett pears are featured in our stores now, so be sure to pick some up before the season ends. What are your “pear-fect” ways to enjoy pears? Share your ideas by leaving a comment below!

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