Delicious This Week: Organic Grapes

Celebrate Organic Harvest Month by appreciating the hard work of organic farmers! Try these recipes and ideas worthy of juicy and delicious organic grapes.

I have to admit, I buy small mountains of organic grapes with the intent to slowly snack on them, little by little. The reality is that more often than not, they’re gone the same day! I have a serious case of grape expectations, you might say. Can you blame me? These juicy, burst-y fruits are incredibly refreshing, especially when they’re organic and super fresh!We’re celebrating Organic Harvest Month by appreciating the hard work that organic farmers put into their produce opens in a new tab. Farming organically makes for well-balanced soil, which makes for strong healthy plants…and some mighty delicious fruit!Want to fulfill some grape expectations of your own? Here are a few recipes and ideas that are worthy of juicy and delicious organic grapes:

  • Frozen whole grapes are a crunchy, sweet yet sensible treat for the whole family, but did you know they’re also great in smoothies? Try these Double Grape Slushies opens in a new tab for a kid-friendly snack idea.

  • For quick and easy breakfasts on the go, try toasting bagels or bread, spreading almond or peanut butter and topping with sliced grapes like this recipe for Peanut Butter Toast with Grapes opens in a new tab. Change it up with tortillas, cream cheese and bananas and you’ve got the mornings covered!

  • Next time you’re making pork chops or salmon, try adding grapes and onions like this recipe for Roasted Salmon and Grapes opens in a new tab. Cooking concentrates the natural sweetness of the grapes and complements the rich flavors in meat.

For additional grape inspiration, see our blog post about taking a grape escape opens in a new tab. What are your favorite ways to enjoy organic grapes?

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