Discover New Favorites: Wine in a Can

If you haven’t given canned wine a chance yet, summer is the perfect time. Picnics, pool parties and all things al fresco just got a lot easier with the influx of high-quality canned wines hitting the market.

Updated July 24, 2017

West Side Wine Co

True story, I’ve had to abandon two separate corkscrews at the airport over the years. I had a travel corkscrew in my purse for wine “emergencies” (such as bringing a bottle of wine to a house that — gasp — didn’t have a corkscrew) and then forgot to take it out before traveling. So imagine my excitement that wine in a can not only exists, but it’s delicious. Now I can enjoy a sip of my favorite adult beverage and leave the corkscrew at home!

Canned wine was one of the top wine trends for 2016, and it’s easy to see why. It’s convenient — no unfinished bottles losing potential on the kitchen counter, and no corkscrew or glasses required. For laid-back summer entertaining, canned wines can go right in the cooler with other beverages. Cans are quick to chill and they’re lightweight and easy to carry on-the-go. Its rising popularity has inspired winemakers to offer quality wines in the nation’s new favorite drinking vessel.

Picnic Basket with Presto Canned Wine

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No matter your preference, there’s a canned wine for everyone. Take your pick:


West Side Wine Co. Chardonnay. When you pop the top, this wine has a refreshing crack with an initial effervescence. It’s best served chilled and is bright, tropical and refreshing. Pop open a can with friends after pilates, poolside or at a neighborhood barbecue.


Presto Sparkling Cuveé. Savor crisp green apple and tropical notes, lively effervescence and a touch of richness on the finish. Bring a four pack to the bridal store while dress shopping (a favorite tradition in my friend group) or pack alongside a small bottle of orange juice for a mimosa on-the-go!


Presto Sparkling Rosé, Italy. Brand new in 2017, this pink sparkler combines all the hottest wine trends – sparkling, rosé and cans! This refreshing Italian number has pink grapefruit aromas and crisp raspberry and strawberry flavors.


West Side Wine Co. Cabernet Sauvignon. Bold, fresh, smooth and slightly effervescent — just what you always wanted in a glass (or can!) of red wine. Grab a pack to share on the lawn for the outdoor summer symphony, catching a baseball game or watching fireflies at twilight.

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