Discover Value in the Produce Department

Cruise the produce section for deals with food blogger and author Jenny Rosenstrach

In this short video, food blogger and author Jenny Rosenstrach of Dinner: A Love Story opens in a new tab, shares her top tips on finding sweet deals in the Produce section opens in a new tab to keep her family fed on a budget.

Looking to save in the Produce department? Here are Jenny’s tips, plus a few of my own!

  • Pay attention to in-season offerings. The food in season will be highlighted front and center in the Produce section. These are the freshest, ripest, most flavorful veggies and fruits (mmm, like autumn apples). Since they are in-season and have to move quickly, look for sales. In-season and on sale is pounce-worthy!

  • Shop the sales. When you’re making your weekly meal planner, check out your store’s sales flyer online opens in a new tab or pick one up at the store entrance. But there are more sales than that! Look for the signs.

  • Cut to order. Only want half a melon? Only want a quarter of that massive Japanese eggplant? Only buy what you need! Team members are happy to cut to order. Don’t worry about wasting the food — team members are artisans of reuse, so the other half of your melon may have a brand new starring role in fruit salad.

  • Be flexible. Based on your recipe, you may be able to swap out something on your shopping list for something on sale.

Once your basket is full of rock star fruits and veggies, check out some inspired ideas for using peak-season veggie entrees opens in a new tab, including eggplant, green beans, summer squash, tomatoes and bell peppers. And don’t waste a tasty bite! As fall approaches, consider preserving the season’s bounty opens in a new tab  — quick pickled veggies and stewed fruits, anyone?

What is your favorite way to find value in the produce department? Share your tips in the comments below.  

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