Don’t Get Caught Short on Shrimp

Poached, grilled, sautéed or broiled, we love shrimp in just about any dish. Learn about what sets our shrimp apart and try some scrumptious shrimp recipes.

In Louisiana, where I come from, there’s an unspoken law: Never be caught short on shrimp! I love shrimp just about any way you can cook it: poached, grilled, sautéed, broiled or breaded and fried. Shrimp pairs beautifully with herbs, spices and most sauces, making it a perfect accompaniment to grains and vegetables. It’s awesome in soups, salads and savory dishes. I even love shrimp on pizza and in quiche! But my first experience is always my favorite: Shrimp Etouffée — a specialty of my own great state.And when you stock up on shrimp, it’s important to know what makes our farmed shrimp a great choice. We source from only three producers and have traceability back to their farms. And these are not your typical farms; our producers meet our standards for protecting the environment opens in a new tabby avoiding mangrove areas to protect sensitive ecosystems and maintain good water quality. You’ll never find added phosphates or sulfates in our shrimp — we don’t want anything to take away from the sweet, delicate flavor of shrimp raised right. In fact, our shrimp are harvested to order and flash frozen within hours of harvest and you can taste the difference. Learn more about what sets our shrimp apart opens in a new tab.Recipes and ideas for shrimp seem never-ending! Here are just a few scrumptious shrimp ideas:

Most kids love shrimp cocktail — maybe because it’s the only “cocktail” they’re allowed to have! For my family, moving to California brought weekend outings to Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco where we each got a succulent shrimp cocktail — FOR 50 CENTS!You read that right! Although those days are long gone, a good shrimp cocktail is not. Here’s a recipe for Shrimp Cocktail with Sauce opens in a new tab.Just one peek into my freezer proves I’m never short on shrimp. What about you? Got an idea or a favorite recipe?

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