Don't Kill Your Television...

...or the Environment oldtv-150x150_0.jpg

...or the Environment

Old TV

Are you in the same boat as I am? I have a really old television because I just don't really watch TV, and I don't have cable, so it looks like I'll be one of those folks who will benefit from a digital converter box to keep my perfectly good television working. The other choice is to invest in a new digital-ready television. If you aren't up to speed on this whole thing, the digital switch is coming June 12th so find the details here.The environmentally-friendly choice is obvious: opt for the converter box. Your television will still work! But if you DO choose to buy a new television, what are you going to do with your old one?

Old Technology

Please don't throw it away! Televisions are toxic. They contain lead, mercury and other stuff that we should not be putting in the landfill. There are PLENTY of alternatives:

  • Post it on

  • Give it to Goodwill

  • If it's a Panasonic, Sharp or Toshiba, MRM will take it off your hands

  • Check the EPA website for other recycling options

  • Use the ecological side of your brain and get creative! Donate it to a local school or shelter, or encourage your favorite green volunteer organization to hold an e-waste recycling drive to be sure that this potential eco-disaster is minimized as much as possible. You can do this!

Then, when you go shopping for your new television:

  • Pick one made by a company that has a take-back program, like Sony

  • Make sure you get one with an Energy Star rating

  • Get a power strip that you turn off when you are not using your entertainment system.

Any other suggestions? I know you greenies have lots of ideas to share!

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