Don't Miss Out on a Healthy Pantry Makeover

Read a sampling of healthy eating changes our readers plan to make in 2011, and enter your own comment for a chance to win a $99 pantry makeover.

Have you entered our Pantry Makeover contest opens in a new tab yet? It’s simple. Just enter a comment on our contest blog post opens in a new tab (not this post) by January 31st saying what healthy eating changes you plan to make in 2011. Eating healthy can be done on a budget, and we’re going to show ten winners how. Each winner will receive a $99 gift card, a list of suggested products for stocking a healthier pantry opens in a new tab, and will be put in touch with one of our Healthy Eating Specialists. Our Healthy Eating Specialists are available to any of our customers and are well versed in our Health Starts Here™ opens in a new tab program and can help guide a shopping trip, suggest recipes and give cooking tips, or simply answer your questions about making healthier choices when it comes to food. Need some inspiration? Here is a small sampling of comments we’ve received so far. Winners will be chosen at random, so everyone has an equal chance.

  • "Whole grains will play a bigger part in my new year’s resolution for diet. I also plan on being pickier about where my food comes from and what’s in it."

  • "More Dark Greens! More flavor, more filling, less calories. Sounds like a winner to me!"

  • "This year, our family is going to try to eat more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains."

  • "I want to be the one to prove that being a senior does not mean we cannot change. All of my friends since retirement have gained weight. I have tried several of your recipes and love them. Healthy eating is the right step for me in taking off this awful poundage and I realize no trendy diet will do it. I am losing slowly but losing. I am finding out that good tasty food is the key to progress at any age. Thank you Whole Foods."

  • "I love finding ways to add extra veggies to everything I make!"

  • "Our goal for 2011 and onward is to eliminate sugars and refined grain products from our diet. We start Social Security this month so our $$ are very limited. We have also agreed to get out of and keep out of debt. We need to learn how to use our dollars for the best food possible – food that will benefit our lives and health. Breaking old, old eating habits is very hard. It would be great to have someone guide and encourage us through the process!"

  • "I am going to read ingredients and labels."

  • "Less meat, more plants."

  • "My daughter embraces positive eating habits to keep herself healthy and well. While she had cancer the positive effects of healthy foods with integrated medicine has allowed her to remain cancer free. Now that she is a young adult and has moved in to her own apartment continuing to stock a healthy pantry is expensive. She is such a wonderful person who continues to give back in so many ways and your help to show her how she can continue to eat healthy on a budget would be very much appreciated. Thanks for your consideration."

  • "We aim to keep whole foods as the base of our diet – fruits, veggies, meats and grains. When I can I pre-create meals and freeze them in our deep freezer so we have our own “ready made” meals when needed."

So tell us, what healthy eating changes do you plan to make in 2011? Make sure you comment on our contest blog post opens in a new tab and not on this post (which is why comments are turned off for this one.) Enter here opens in a new tab.

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