Earth-Friendly Project: Bird Feeder

Looking for an eco-friendly project for the kids? Try this simple bird feeder made from a recycled milk (or non-dairy beverage) carton.

Happy Earth Day! (A little early – it’s officially this Friday, April 22nd). Throughout April, we’ve shared fun kid-oriented and earth-friendly activities. Check out our posts on DIY fossils made from coffee grounds opens in a new tab, a compact herb garden opens in a new tab and easy bird biscuits opens in a new tab.This week’s project will have the neighborhood birds flocking to your house for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Plus, the kids will have fun making the birdfeeder and watching the action after they hang it up. The toughest part may be deciding which carton to empty for the project!Let’s get started! To ensure you’ve got everything you need to begin, gather your materials and then spread them out on your work area. This project can be done just about anywhere -- at the kitchen table, on a deck or patio, or in the yard. To make one bird feeder, you will need:1. One quart or pint sized empty milk carton (local)

2. Permanent marker3. Scissors4. Hole punch5. String6. Construction Paper7. Glue9. Markers10. BirdseedOnce you have your materials assembled, follow these simple steps:

Step 1Using the marker, draw a shape on the milk carton where you want the entrance. Cut out the shape using the scissors. Make sure you leave about 2” of space at the bottom to collect the birdseed. Punch out a hole in the top of the carton and tie the string through, leaving about 24” slack for hanging it up. Step 2Use the construction paper, scissors, and glue to add panels of paper some of the sides for decoration. Use the colored markers to add designs.

Step 3Fill the bottom with some birdseed, and hang it up somewhere that birds have easy access to.So tell us, what are some of your favorite earth-friendly projects for kids?

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