Easy Tips for the New Year: Bodacious Bulk Bins


Looking for a little guidance through this month of oh-so-many expectations? We’ve got 31 tips to help you eat healthier and feel better. Be sure to check out the full calendar opens in a new tab! This week we’re exploring the power of shopping the bulk department. Healthy eating is easier (and more affordable) when you know what to look for in that aisle full of bins! Check out these 3 tips to make the most of our huge, fresh selection.

Bulk Buys

Trying out new whole grains opens in a new tab, beans opens in a new tab, rice opens in a new tab, nuts or seeds opens in a new tab? Buy just what you need in our bulk department.

Go wild with ingredients like forbidden black rice, unsweetened flaked coconut, golden flax seed and nutritional yeast. Because you’re not paying for packaging (or a full package), you can explore a new world of dried plant ingredients. Looking for inspiration? Ask our friendly Team Members about their favorites.

Pump Up the A.M.!

Cook oatmeal, farro, barley, millet, quinoa or wheat berries with almondmilk.

Whole grains and great mornings go together like spoons and bowls. We love Mighty Bowls opens in a new tab for breakfast, and this flavorful Millet Breakfast Cereal with Mandarin Oranges and Dates opens in a new tab. Overnight Oatmeal opens in a new tab is simple to prepare, and Fruit and Hemp Seed Muesli opens in a new tab is loaded with satisfying textures.

New to cooking whole grains? Here’s a handy chart opens in a new tab for soaking times and liquid-to-grain ratios.

Get your munch on at snack time with popcorn, raw nuts, trail mix, fruit and nut bars or roasted seaweed.

Wholesome snacking is easy with these recipes on hand, starring some of our favorite ingredients from the bulk department: Popcorn Trail Mix opens in a new tab, Oat Date Bars opens in a new tab, Whole Grain Almond Granola with Cranberries opens in a new tab and Pimenton Roasted Garbanzos opens in a new tab (you can cook dried garbanzos from our bulk bins by following this simple method opens in a new tab).

Now that you’re a bulk bin ninja, watch how to create two of our favorite recipes: Southwest Veggie Burgers opens in a new tab and Beef, Bean and Veggie Chili with Bulgur opens in a new tab.

Tell us: what’s your favorite ingredient to purchase in bulk, and how do you like to cook it?

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