Eggs 4 Ways

Intimidated to try a new way to make eggs? These snappy instructional videos may be the inspiration you need to get crackin’.

When I think of incredibly versatile foods, eggs are the top of my list. Whether enjoyed on their own, baked into a dish or starring in an American-style breakfast plate, they are a kitchen workhorse for any meal. I’ve been known to scramble, boil, fry or poach eggs or whip them into a frittata or quiche on any given weekday or weekend. With so many potential uses, knowing how to make eggs well is a skill that will yield great returns. I enjoy eggs all year long, but springtime is my favorite time to experiment and hone my technique.

While the written word can be useful, the above short, snappy videos help bring the techniques to life. All you need to know to make perfect eggs four ways.

Perfectly Poached

Poached Egg on Toast

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Here’s how:

  • Boil 3-4 inches of water with vinegar and salt

  • Reduce to simmer

  • Crack egg in a small bowl, then carefully slip in water

  • Gather whites with wooden spoon

  • Simmer 4-5 minutes

  • Transfer to paper towel-lined plate with slotted spoon

Foolproof eggs benedict are within your reach! For a fun twist on dinner, prepare pasta and vegetables and top with poached eggs – the runny yolk will be a perfect sauce.

Impressive Omelet

Asparagus Omelet

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Here’s how:

  • Whisk 3 eggs, 1 tablespoon milk, salt and pepper

  • Melt 1/2 tablespoon butter in a 10-inch pan over medium-high heat

  • Add eggs and slowly pull to center with rubber spatula until set

  • Add fillings on half of the omelet

  • Reduce heat and cook 1-2 minutes

  • Gently fold in half and slide onto plate

Serve with a light green salad for a French-inspired brunch.

Creamy and Scrambled

French-Style Scrambled Eggs

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Here’s how:

  • Whisk 4 eggs with 2 teaspoons milk, salt and pepper

  • Melt 1 tablespoon butter in a skillet over medium high heat

  • Add eggs and cook, stirring continuously, until nearly finished

  • Remove from heat and stir in1 tablespoon heavy cream

Make it a romantic breakfast by pairing with mimosas, fresh fruit and your favorite breakfast pastry.

Grab-and-Go Hardboiled

Hardboiled Eggs

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Here’s how:

  • Cover eggs in pot with 1 inch cool water

  • Bring to boil over medium high heat

  • Remove from heat, cover and set aside 12 minutes

  • Transfer to ice water with slotted spoon

  • Pat dry and refrigerate

Slice and enjoy on avocado toast. Add crumbled goat cheese on top for more decadence. Also an easy addition to lunch boxes for kids and adults!
Inspired to create more eggcellent creations? Check out our Eggs in Every Way opens in a new tabrecipe collection for more ideas.

What’s your go-to way to prepare eggs?

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