Eight Healthy Treats for Mom

Here's some delicious treats to serve mom that celebrate naturally flavorful whole foods by limiting added sodium and containing no extracted oils or refined sweeteners.

As much as I love spending lazy weekend mornings in the kitchen cooking up a big breakfast for my hungry brood, I truly appreciate the one Sunday a year when I can leisurely lounge in bed and wait for breakfast to come to me. 

I remember bringing my mother a breakfast tray when I was a child. It consisted of buttered toast (probably cold by arrival), orange juice and carefully picked flowers from our garden. Fortunately my mother wasn’t much of a foodie, and this simple breakfast most likely suited her just fine (especially given the adorableness of the deliverer).  

But nowadays, many moms, myself included, truly appreciate something a little more satisfying to start their special day. Here are some easy recipes that don't just celebrate but actually nourish mom in the morning. While all require some supervision from Dad or another adult, they are simple enough to be made quickly on a busy morning, with many ways for little hands to pitch in.

And best of all, they contain no oil, no refined sugars, and they focus on unprocessed, whole foods.  A nutrient-packed breakfast in bed for mom? Yes, please!





Whatever you make mom this year, be sure to also tell her how much you love her, and even better, don’t forget to do the dishes!

How do you celebrate mom?

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