Enjoy Bok Choy

Also called Chinese cabbage, bok choy is a nutrient-dense, delicious, easy-to-prepare vegetable perfectly suited for winter meals. Try some of these bok choy recipes.

When it comes to food, I’ll eat anything green (except mold!).

Lucky to come from a family of southern cooks and green-leaf-lovers, I was certain I knew everything I needed to know about eating green things until my family moved to Hawaii.

There, I was introduced to a new (to me) leafy green called bok choy. Also referred to as Chinese cabbage, bok choy, like other cruciferous vegetables, is a nutrient-dense, delicious, easy-to-prepare vegetable known for containing special compounds that support good health.

Although technically classified as a member of the cabbage family, it neither resembles nor tastes like any of the cabbages we are familiar with. The stalks resemble white celery and the leaves look more like broccoli leaves or dark Romaine lettuce.

In China, bok choy is known as “pak choi,”,which means “white vegetable” (despite those lovely green leaves!).

Here at home, you’ll mostly find either common bok choy, characterized by its large white stalks and crinkly green leaves, or baby bok choy, a tiny resemblance of the larger version with small, light green stalks and tender baby leaves.

Both varieties are worth a try and can be a delicious addition to many a meal, whether Asian, Mediterranean, European, American or otherwise.

When purchasing bok choy, look for firm, smooth white stalks and dark, crisp greens. For baby bok choy, look for light green stalks with firm leaves and no yellow or brown marks. Store in a plastic bag and use within four to five days. Remember, you can eat bok choy stalks raw with dip or chopped fresh for salads.

Otherwise, depending on your recipe, you’ll want to cook it quickly so the stalks stay crisp and the leaves get tender. For stir-frying, add stalks first and green leaves a minute or two later, towards the end of cooking. If you haven’t tried it yet, let bok choy make a wonderful, healthy and simple-to-cook addition to your menus this season.

Here are some delicious favorites:

Have you tried bok choy? Got a favorite recipe? Let me know.

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