Enjoy Sara Bareilles' Kaleidoscope Heart


Did you know that Sara Bareilles' new album is coming out? Well, it is and we are sponsoring a preview listen for you opens in a new tab!The album is called Kaleidoscope Heart and you'll be able to find it in our stores starting September 7th. Jimmy Dunne (President of Inspire, a music and branding company we partner with) describes Sara's sophomore album as: "Everything we hoped for. Declaring independence in her new hit single, "King of Anything," she's playful - even a little feisty. As always, Sara paints in the most vibrant, entertaining hues, with remarkable authenticity and depth."Intrigued? Give a listen to the exclusive premiere of a song from the album opens in a new tab: "Hold My Heart."Sara Bareilles and Whole Foods Market make a perfect match. She cares about good food, just like we do! Here's what she wanted to share with our readers:

I am so happy to say that one of my favorite places on earth, Whole Foods, is going to feature a new song from my record on their blog...this is double rad, because not only am I happy to share more new music, but I kind of am obsessed with Whole Foods anyway. I am definitely someone who tries to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and spending so much time away from home while touring can make that hard. That's why when I see a Whole Foods while we're on the road, my heart sings a little song and I feel like I found water after walking in the desert for weeks. Oddly enough, gas stations are overrated as great places to eat. :)I love that Whole Foods features local farmer's goods in many of their stores as well. It makes it so easy to support the local community while filling my belly with the best of what's around. I am always happy to be able to connect with the amazing places we see as we travel and I can think of nothing better than doing that through their food.-Sara Bareilles

So, give a listen to "Hold My Heart opens in a new tab" and watch for Kaleidoscope Heart in stores on September 7th.

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