Enright Park Community Garden

Enright Community Garden

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We broke ground on the Enright Park Community Garden in the East Liberty neighborhood of Pittsburgh in July 2008. In partnership with the surrounding neighbors, the Kentucky Avenue School, and East Liberty Development, Inc, we worked together to transition an overgrown and abandoned corner lot into a thriving field of cucumbers, zucchini, raspberries, tomatoes and more. The space is now surrounded by rail fencing and bordered by its namesake, Enright Park.Located just three blocks down the street, our Pittsburgh Whole Foods Market commits a part-time garden team member to help with daily maintenance of the space. Countless others of our team members volunteer hand-in-hand with neighbors and school children to weed, water and harvest. When amazing people work together for the good of the community, great things happen. Our garden is proof!The Pittsburgh garden was the first of its kind in our Mid-Atlantic Region and was the inspiration for other gardens being put into food production at schools, group homes, assisted living facilities and other community spaces. All of these garden projects have evolved into a new non-profit foundation called “Whole Grown,” whose focus is to teach people how to grow, prepare, preserve and celebrate food from their own gardens.

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