Entrées Beyond Turkey

Whether you want to cook a smaller holiday meal, add a 2nd main entrée or serve up a turkey-free event, these recipes take you beyond the bird for Thanksgiving.

In the lead up to Thanksgiving, seems like everyone’s talking about turkey. And while we are on that bandwagon ourselves, we do recognize that there are people who want to serve something else on their Thanksgiving table, instead of or in addition to the classic roasted turkey. In the northeast, Thanksgiving coincides with deer hunting season, and venison is a prized main dish on many holiday tables. Families of Irish descent have been known to eat prime rib for their holiday dinner. Some folks prefer the three-bird Turduckens, and some prefer the zero-bird Tofurkey. Here are some of our favorite main courses to take you beyond the bird.Wild Mushroom Tart opens in a new tab











Of course, if you want go traditional, we’ve got you covered with our simple guide to cooking turkey opens in a new tab.  Serving a very small gathering? You can roast a chicken, pheasant or Cornish game hen instead. What will be at the center of your Thanksgiving table this year?


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