Equitable Pay Through Whole Trade Mangoes

Watch Haitian mangoes being harvested from family trees and learn how Whole Trade ensures the farmers are getting the most for their crop.

Whole Foods Market is the sole buyer of organic and Fair Trade Certified mangoes from small Haitian growers, sometimes buying from a family with just one tree. The Whole Trade® Guarantee ensures growers receive equitable pay — a key point since this mango crop is a major source of income for many of these farmers.Learn about the driving force behind organizing the grower groups to achieve and maintain Fair Trade and organic certifications. The Fair Trade and organic certifications increase transparency and market value, which drives better returns for growers. Here’s an earlier blog post opens in a new tab about these great mangoes.You can find these mangoes in Whole Foods Market stores nationwide during the varietal's short six-to-eight week season throughout May and into June.

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