Ethically Sourced Frozen Fruit

If tropical fruit is your sweet spot and ethically sourced options are important to you, then you’ll love the new frozen banana and pineapple chunks from EARTH University.

Are you bananas for smoothies? Do you pine for pineapple? If tropical fruit is your sweet spot and having ethically sourced options are important to you, then you’ll enjoy these two tasty new products gracing our freezer case: EARTH University Pineapple Chunks opens in a new taband Banana Chunks opens in a new tab.

Cut up and ready to go, these are perfect to keep on hand so you’ll have fruit whenever you crave it, using just the amount you need so nothing goes to waste. No more bananas turning brown in the fruit bowl or pineapple getting over-ripe on the kitchen counter. What’s more, your purchase of these products supports the non-profit EARTH University opens in a new tab. Located in the fertile tropical rainforest of Costa Rica, EARTH University’s mission is to teach students and the agricultural industry how to use earth-friendly growing methods to meet production needs and to protect the environment while producing superior quality fruit.

Sales of EARTH University frozen fruits go towards student scholarship funds and helps finance research and investment in organic and sustainable agricultural production. Students come to EARTH University from around the world, mainly Latin America and the Caribbean but also the United States, countries in Africa and even Switzerland, to earn a degree in Agronomy. Besides their interest in agricultural sciences and natural resource management, EARTH University students are passionate about affecting societal change and improving conditions in their home countries and the tropics through their knowledge and leadership—like recent graduate Pierre Paul Audate, who advises small growers in Haiti. In this video Mr. Audate talks about how his education at EARTH University is helping him build a better future for his country opens in a new tab.

Since its inception 25 years ago, EARTH University has operated a commercial banana farm to generate income that goes towards scholarships. These scholarships help provide opportunities to young leaders who want to make a difference in the world but lack the financial resources for a higher education. EARTH University’s commercial farm is Rainforest Alliance Certified opens in a new tab and produces about 600,000 boxes of grown bananas a year–almost all of which are sold at Whole Foods Market fresh and now also frozen. EARTH also carefully sources delectably sweet pineapples for Whole Foods Market from a Rainforest Alliance Certified farm and is working to advance sustainable pineapple production. The bananas and pineapples are harvested and frozen at the peak of freshness, ensuring great flavor.

Thanks to the diligence and care of EARTH University and the Rainforest Alliance the frozen Banana Chunks and Pineapple Chunks are a part of Whole Foods Market’s Whole Trade® Guarantee opens in a new tab. This guarantee means that growers are certified to ensure they provide fair wages and safe working conditions while also caring for the environment through responsible agricultural practices. Here are five of our favorite ways to use frozen bananas and pineapples:

Time to stock your freezer so you’ll be prepared when the fruit desire strikes. What’s your favorite dish to make with frozen bananas or pineapples?

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