Fall Into Organics: Bartlett Pears


Our Fall into Organics celebration is well underway, and our favorite pick for this week is Bartlett Pears. Known for their quintessential “pear flavor,” Bartletts are aromatic, sweet and juicy with a soft, smooth texture.

Grown domestically in California, Washington State and locally in many regions, organic Bartlett pears are available domestically from August through December. Bartlett pears turn from a bright green to mild yellow and yield to gentle pressure as they ripen. They are perfect for eating out of hand or cooking; here are a few recipes that we think are perfect for the season!

And while we have a long list of organic growers that we love, here is one of the many who we want to thank as we enjoy this delicious fruit. Thank you, Dick Smithson, for the tasty organic pears!Dick Smithson has been growing fruit in the Peshastin area of Washington his whole life. Twelve years ago he decided to take his commitment to the

environment to the next level, and he now grows 36 acres of organic D’Anjou, Bartlett and Comice pears. Dick’s favorite variety of pear to grow is the Bartlett, but he also enjoys the challenge of growing the unique Comice pear too. You see, like most growers, Dick enjoys the challenge of working with Mother Nature to grow unique and healthy fruit. Dick Smithson’s fruit is packed in the Blue Bird label, represented by Domex Superfresh Growers.Got a favorite pear recipe? We’d love to hear about it.

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