Family Meal Ideas for Four


Summer's over and you're getting into the back-to-school swing of things. This is the time when those good intentions for gathering around the dinner table for nutritious meals together can go flying out the window. Take heart, our week long meal plan for four gives you quick, simple and health-conscious supper ideas that will take the pressure off and let you focus on what's really important.MONDAY: Veggie MondayEnjoy the best tomatoes of the year in our easy recipe below for Ravioli with No-Cook Heirloom Tomato Sauce opens in a new tab. A simple green salad rounds out the meal.TUESDAY: 2010 Comfort FoodGrill ham or turkey and cheddar supper sandwiches on Seeduction™ bread (there's a coupon for $1.00 off a large loaf on page A9 of the in-store guide) with hearty mustard. Combine baby spinach, sliced apples and toasted walnuts for a salad.WEDNESDAY: Entrée Salad SupperMake beautiful salads with smoked salmon over romaine, cucumber, tomatoes and fresh dill. Drizzle with lemon juice and extra-virgin olive oil; top with homemade rye croutons.THURSDAY: Pasta NightToss whole wheat pasta with browned slices of The Original Brat Hans Chicken Sausage, roasted red peppers, artichoke hearts and broccoli florets. Make sure to use the coupon on page A9 of the in-store The Whole Deal. You'll save $1.00 on the sausage.

FRIDAY: Shrimp's OnPrepare our frozen shrimp scampi. Serve with boxed rice pilaf, steamed brown rice or our Brown Rice Pilaf opens in a new tab and wilted chard or spinach.WEEKEND: Brunch for a BunchScramble eggs with crisp pieces of Wellshire Bacon (clip the coupon in the in-store value guide); add whole wheat English muffins and a fruit salad - nectarines and raspberries are in season!!Turn to The Whole Deal opens in a new tab value guide for even more money-saving deals , health-saving recipes and sanity-saving tips. Plus there are over $45 in coupons opens in a new tab in the in-store guide and online!How do you stay connected as a family in spite of a busy schedule?

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