Farmer-Foodie New Year’s Resolutions

Some of our favorite farmer and foodie friends gave us a heads up at what they plan to do to improve in the new year. Here's to trying!

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It wouldn't hurt to try something new in 2016 — perhaps finding a use for the turnips in your CSA box, or vowing not to squish any bees that fly too close to your face. Some of our favorite farmer and foodie friends gave us a heads up at what they plan to do to improve in the New Year. Here's to trying!

Lauren Manning; Photo Credit: Lauren Manning

Lauren Manning#iamamodernfarmer weekly winner opens in a new tab
Ozark Pasture Beef
Fayetteville, Arkansas
“This year I finally resolve to take my muck boots off before I walk in the house, and to teach the cows how to line up for the daily head count. Guess which one has a better chance of success?”

Brandon D’Imperio#iamamodernfarmer weekly winner opens in a new tab
Circle Rock Ranch
Vashon Island, Washington
“For my resolution this year, I hope to spend more time with friends and less at work: Maybe just work 14 hours of work a day instead of 16. That’s progress, right? Oh, and I hope to work out and exercise a bit more. You know, lift a few more bales of hay each day, till a few extra acres, stack a couple extra cords of wood. The basics, really!”

Susan PaykinMeet the Modern Farmer opens in a new tab
Common Ground Farm
Beacon, New York
“I resolve to check in more frequently with my crew to make sure they’re happy, healthy, and reaching personal goals for the season.”

Kurt Timmermeister Modern Farmer Advisory Board; The Accidental Dairy Farmer opens in a new tab
Kurtwood Farms and Kurt Farm Shop
Vashon Island, Washington
“Every year I get quite comfortable with the mild, and mostly dry weather here at the farm through the spring, into summer and then through most of autumn. And then winter hits with its incessant rains and cold winds. The low points of the pastures fill up with water, the mud grows quickly, the cows get cranky, and the hay truck has trouble getting into the barn. Each year, I swear I will plan better during the sunny, arid weeks of the calm summer, and I never do. This coming year my resolution is to walk away from the denial and finally accept that winter will come to the farm. With luck I will remember this resolution in July.”

Andrew Amelinckx, Modern Farmer Contributing Editor opens in a new tab
Catskill, New York
“My resolution is to actually use all the chili peppers we grow every year. Hot sauce anyone?”

Jamila Norman; Photo Credit: Shannon McCollum

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Patchwork City Farms
Atlanta, Georgia
“I should actually sit down for a meal at one of these restaurants I sell my vegetables to! Winter is a good time to go in. As a farmer, that’s when I know I actually have time — I just have to find it!”

Farmer Lee Jones, Modern Farmer Advisory Board
The Chef’s Garden
Huron, Ohio
“My New Year’s resolution is to recognize that my wife may not want to talk about vegetables all the time. The other one is not to assume a ride through the field to check on our vegetables on a day off is an adventure for her as much as it is for me.”

Michael Chernus
SPACE on Ryder Farm, Orange is the New Black
Brewster, New York
“I will not covet my neighbor’s Pendleton blanket collection. I will not covet my neighbor’s Pendleton blanket collection… and I will stop saying ‘All Hail Kale’ when I am drunk.”

Kimberly Zabec#iamamodernfarmer weekly winner opens in a new tab
Revolutionary Roots Farm
Crofton, Maryland
“Farming is a 24/7 job. Sleep is a very important but scarce commodity. A good New Year’s resolution is to get better sleep! Like our little farm puppy. He’s definitely got it figured out.”

Brian Bartle; Courtesy of Brian Bartle

Michel NischanModern Farmer Advisory Board; Food as a Vehicle for Change opens in a new tab

Wholesome Wave
Bridgeport, Connecticut
“I resolve to turn my very large compost piles consistently — really, I do! I’ve resolved before but failed. This time, I’ll make it happen… really, I will…”

Brian Bartle
International Agriculture Program Specialist, USDA Foreign Agricultural Service
Washington, DC
“With all the biodiversity we are blessed with, both locally and globally, I resolve to eat something new and interesting every month… including, and especially, more invasive species.”

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