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The trick to keeping up food-related resolutions past January is not to bore your taste buds or disappoint your budget. But how do you do that in a hurry? Plan ahead!

The Whole Deal

Remember those resolutions you made last month? The trick to keeping up food-related resolutions past January is to not bore your taste buds or disappoint your budget. But how do you do that in a hurry? Plan ahead!Take advantage of meal planning to avoid last minute decisions that’ll cost you. Our seasonally inspired daily meal planner can help you cut back on spending and time without scrimping on flavor. You’ll eat well easily, for less!


MONDAY: Veggie Monday
Start the week right with soup and sandwich perfection. Pick up Health Starts Here® Soups (download the coupon) and prepare smoked gouda and sliced-apple grilled cheese sandwiches on Health Starts Here® bread (download the coupon).TUESDAY: Chili Out

Pick a chili that suits your time and budget and serve over tortilla chips with a sprinkle of Organic Shredded Mexican Blend cheese. Sliced organic navel oranges with honey and nuts make a sweet conclusion.


WEDNESDAY: Cook’s Night Off Make it easy on the chef with Whole Foods MarketTM frozen skillet meals and a salad with 365 Everyday Value® Organic Light Caesar Dressing and Croutons. Cheers to Harthill Farms wine* too!

THURSDAY: Steak and Potatoes 

It’s meat-and-potatoes night with a twist! Top baked potatoes with cooked top-sirloin strips, onion and bell pepper, and finish with cheese. Pour Tarima Monastrell wine* and then serve simple strawberries and cream or our special recipe for dessert.

FRIDAY: Fish Friday
Farm-raised Salmon with Sautéed Swiss Chard is a tasty way to bid adieu to the workweek. Pair with a whole grain of your choice (learn to cook them). Serve vanilla ice cream (download the coupon) with candied citrus peels if you’ve got ‘em.

WEEKEND: Sunday Funday
Whether you’re enjoying board games by the fireplace or snowball fights in the cold, treat your family with a selection of chips and dips and New King Ranch Casserole. Coconut water will quench everyone’s thirst.

* It’s a new year, but the old laws hold: some of our stores sell alcohol, some don’t.

Hungry for more simple meal solutions? These six money-saving dishes give you the best tastes without time or money getting the best of you.

  1. Simple salad supper. Mixed baby greens and salad veggies tossed with 365 Everyday Value® Organic Fat Free Balsamic Vinaigrette topped with cooked chicken tenders (download the coupon).

  2. International acclaim. Pair Whole Foods MarketTM Potstickers with quick Asian slaw (grated cabbage and carrots, sesame oil, rice vinegar and a pinch of sugar).

  3. Freezer, skillet, serve. Toss steamed broccoli into Whole Foods MarketTM Fettuccini Alfredo or add sliced browned turkey sausage to our Penne all'Arrabbiata (another Sure Deal).

  4. Soup-ed up. Make 365 Everyday Value® Organic Chicken Noodle Soup your own by adding kale leaves and a can of cannellini beans.

  5. Ice fishing. Make tasty fish tacos with frozen fish nuggets, shredded cabbage, in-store-made salsa, avocado and a squeeze of lime.

  6. Lava’ this. For dessert, garnish Whole Foods MarketTM Chocolate Lava Cakes (download the coupon) with candied citrus peel and serve with a scoop of ice cream (download the coupon).

Let The Whole Deal value guide help you meet your fiscal and physical wellness goals with up to $53 in coupons, 18 Sure Deals, 10 new budget-friendly recipes and more than 50 money-saving tips.

What’s your go-to dish this winter for saving time and money?

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