Favorite New Recipes: No-Bake Desserts and No-Cook Salads and Sauces


As a classically trained chef with a political science degree, Food Editor Molly Siegler puts her food fascination to work coordinating the creation and curation of recipes and other food-focused content for Whole Foods Market. (Catch Molly’s cooking videos on YouTube!) We asked Molly to share some of her favorite new recipes coming out of our test kitchen. 

It’s crazy hot in Austin right now. Word is it will feel like 106°F this afternoon, so needless to say, cooking with heat has been very low on my list of priorities. But, a girl’s gotta eat! Enter, my favorite no-cook recipes…

Raw Vegan Macaroons RecipeThese new Raw Macaroons are based on (our global offices are dangerously right above the store!) many of us fell in love with. They are rich and chewy and satisfying and work really well as an evening treat or afternoon pick-me-up. 

Raw Walnut Brownies RecipeSpeaking of chocolately dessert, these Raw Walnut Brownies are wildly delicious. Grinding up the walnuts releases the nuts’ natural oil, so don’t be alarmed if the brownies seem “oily” as you press them into the pan—all of that will settle down as the brownies chill.

But a woman cannot live on sweets alone…

Heirloom Tomato-Bulgar SaladThis Heirloom Tomato-Bulgur Salad uses one of my favorite no-cook tricks. Bulgur soaks up the tomato juices at room temp for a few hours, which softens the grain enough to eat and gives it a really interesting flavor. Try this with a fresh lemon juice mixed with water, too. 

No-Cook Tomato SauceIf you’re more in the mood to sauce something up, I love this five-ingredient No-Cook Tomato Sauce. It uses sherry vinegar to mellow minced garlic and a touch of honey to balance all the flavors.

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