Feeding Fido The Good Stuff


Looking for high quality pet products opens in a new tab? With buzzwords like “premium,” “ultra-premium,” “super-premium” and “gourmet” on the packaging, shopping for pet food can be a real challenge. We’re here to help you solve the kibble conundrum and make some informed choices.Over the years, we’ve developed long-standing, trusted relationships with several pet food companies opens in a new tab that put animal health first and that are transparent in their manufacturing practices, so we can know as much as possible about the ingredients in every product.

Unlike some mainstream brands, our vendors opens in a new tab are committed to consumer education and want you to know exactly what is in their products. Since the products in our stores meet our Quality Standards opens in a new tab, you can rest assured that they are all free of artificial flavors, colors and preservatives. These companies are also committed to safety, and none of the pet foods in our current selection have ever been affected by a safety recall.The pet food brands we carry provide a variety of choices:

  • Natural and organic

  • Grain- or gluten-free diets

  • Special formulas for weight control, joint support and urinary tract health

This way, your pet is covered regardless of your feeding philosophy, or of their specific dietary needs, preferences or sensitivities.

And don’t forget that we’ve got more than food for your pets! From flea and tick prevention to dental care, we've got great natural choices for your Whole Buddy.Now, what about those label buzzwords. Need a little help understanding all the jargon? We break it down for you in our Pet Food Label FAQ opens in a new tab. And we dug up the truth about a few common myths opens in a new tab about pets and food too.So there you have it! Feeding your pets a high quality pet food (along with providing regular exercise and lots of fresh water) is one of the best ways to keep them feeling great. Now all you have to do is sit back, relax and pamper your pet with good belly rubs and behind-the-ear scratches.

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