Flowers that Make a Difference to Moms

Mother’s Day is almost here (it’s Sunday, May 13th).

Go ahead, procrastinate. You can run into the corner store and grab some flowers for mom at the last minute. She’ll appreciate them and, hey, it’s the thought that counts, right?

Seriously though, if it’s “the thought” that counts, then you might want to put just a little more thought into the flowers you pick for her. Our floral department is filled with gorgeous bouquets and colorful blooms of all varieties that are so eye-catching that you may not have noticed the Whole Trade® Guarantee stickers on many of these bouquets.

The Whole Trade Guarantee is our commitment to ethical trade – fair wages and improved working conditions, sound environmental practices and the highest quality product.

Whole Trade flowers provide a 10% premium that goes directly into important community programs.

Those few extra dollars end up funding first homes for families, children attending school, community art programs, medical and dental treatments and an overall improvement in the quality of life of workers, their families and their community.

Our friends over at Dark Rye opens in a new tab recently visited employees of Elite Flowers in Colombia, documented a day in the lives of three families and created this beautiful short film. It’s awesome to see firsthand how the employees and their children are affected by the Whole Trade® Guarantee program.

So, the next time you buy flowers for mom, remember it really is the thought that counts.

Then head over to your nearest Whole Foods Market store and pick up a bouquet of gorgeous Whole Trade flowers. You’ll not only make a difference in her day, but your purchase will make a difference to moms and their families where Whole Trade flowers are grown. That’s a gift any mom would love.

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