Food on Film: The Garden


Belinda Gross is our randomly selected winner of the $25 gift card. Thanks everyone for your entries!Have you watched The Garden? Read on for a chance to win a $25 gift card.151 films about food shown in 30 days… that’s what the Let’s Retake Our Plates Film Series opens in a new tab is all about.  Find a showing of one of these films in your area opens in a new tab.Ashley Gibbons, Marketing Supervisor at our Arroyo store in Pasadena loves eating food other people have cooked at home. When left to her own devices however, a monstrous salad and Murphy’s Stout usually hit the spot. Here's her review of The Garden:

After the riots in 1992, the city of Los Angeles gave the community of South Central 14 acres of land to create a healing garden. And it prospered, and healed, and was the largest urban farm in the country. And then the city bulldozed it. For the group of farmers, who were mostly immigrants of Latin America, this was one more time that government officials were intruding, and silencing them. But this time, they organized, they fought, they stuck together to hold on to their rights.This movie follows the farmers, from garden to city hall, watching the team organize, dispute, rally, and eventually… well, I won't ruin the end. But you can guess what happens to the farm.However, the story is in the people. It’s the realization that together, as a community, and more often as a family, the strength of their voice rises, and they won't take no for an answer.The Garden really is the Eden inside a city landscape of grey, concrete, transit. In the city that is famous for greed, personal gain, and urban flight, the farmers show a different side, a side more of us know and more of us are seeking. A community that knows each other, that supports each other, that stands together for a belief in fresh, good food for all, no matter where you call home.

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