Food on Film: No Impact Man


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Team Member Lauren Craig, Associate Marketing Coordinator for our Rocky Mountain region, is a chef at heart. She loves to read about food, eat from her garden and experiment with new and exciting flavors. Here's what she thought of No Impact Man.

No Impact Man

To set out on the quest that Colin Beavan did for a year seems impossible, as does being his resistant wife amidst the dramatic changes. In No Impact Man, we get to see a family transform their lives for a year in an effort to make as little impact on the planet as possible. I think the movie finds a good balance between calling attention to our often high maintenance lifestyles and developing a good, humorous family story.  It made me examine my own life to see how I could make simple changes to move toward a more balanced eco-lifestyle, and it also made me realize how little I have done to live a life where I make a small environmental footprint, compared to all that is possible.  Then again, I don’t have the luxury of living in downtown New York, where you can easily get around and where local organic farm stands are a dime a dozen.What I enjoyed most about the movie was watching Colin’s wife adapt to his new lifestyle.  Initially, she was a cynical skeptic, which is how most people would act in the situation, but then she realizes that some of Colin’s changes actually make her feel better and live better.  Overall, the movie sheds a good light on the reality of making these changes, showing the true highs and lows, providing a clear message that we can all do more to tread lightly.  What I didn’t enjoy so much about the movie is that it takes place in downtown New York, with an affluent family that can afford the price and convenience that this lifestyle can cost.  I know that personally, I don’t have the time to prepare an environmentally conscious meal three times a day, nor can I walk to work or to get groceries.  For this reason, I feel that it resonates as being somewhat realistic with a small audience and doesn’t have the widespread appeal that I had hoped for.

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