Food Solutions: Breakfast through Dessert

The Value Guru shares her cheat sheet of daily breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert ideas that make the grade for flavor, quality and value!

It’s that time again. Lazy summer days are fading into the hectic pace of a new school year, when work demands can crank up a notch, too. Well, have no fear because the August issue of The Whole Deal is here! Let it be your cheat sheet with these daily breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert ideas that totally make the grade for flavor, quality and value!

Break Your Breakfast Routine

Rise and shine with these fresh ideas for keeping it simple and saving:

  • Toast of Champions: Top your toast with almond butter, sliced bananas, raisins and a cinnamon sprinkle.

  • Sweet Rice Bowl: Warm leftover brown rice with raisins, chopped apple, a dash of cinnamon and your milk of choice.

  • Breakfast Burrito: Spread a tortilla with refried beans, top with a little cheese and chopped tomato, roll it up and go!

  • Bento Breakfast: Mix and match cut fruit (pineapple, apples, pears) and nuts with a cheese stick (a Sure Deal).

  • Not Your Usual Oatmeal: Search our recipes pages for hot-cereal ideas such as Millet Breakfast Cereal with Mandarin Oranges and Dates or Apple-Scented Breakfast Oatmeal and Buckwheat.

A Week of $3 Lunches*

Lunchtime! It doesn't have to be boring, difficult or expensive. These wallet-friendly ideas for work days, school days or any days, will keep a smile on your face and unnecessary additives off your plate:

  • Pita Party ($2.95): Fill a whole wheat pita with hummus, pitted ripe olives, cucumbers and baby spinach leaves. Pack along with 365 Everyday Value® Soy Crispettes and pineapple chunks.

  • Good Grains Charlie Brown ($2.97): A salad of bulgur wheat, garbanzo beans, and chopped red bell pepper and parsley tossed with 365 Everyday Value® Organic Sesame Goddess Dressing (download the coupon!).  Pack baby carrots and organic grapes on the side.

  • Ravioli Lover ($2.72): 365 Everyday Value® Organic Cheese Ravioli. On the side, pack cucumber slices and grape tomatoes with 365 Everyday Value® Organic Roasted Garlic Dressing (download the coupon!) for dipping. Add a Whole Trade® banana.

  • Sassy Salmon ($2.99): Honey Mustard Salmon Salad with 365 Everyday Value® Stoneground Wheat Crackers. Pair with a fresh peach.

  • Pasta Powered ($2.50): 365 Everyday Value® Organic White Cheddar Pasta Shells with frozen broccoli (add to the pot just before draining pasta). Pack 365 Everyday Value® Mandarin Oranges on the side.

*We always overestimate costs in your favor, but they may still add up a little differently in your neck of the woods.

Shortcut Chef Suppers

Avoid the takeout trap, and give your wallet and your schedule a break. Home cooking is fast, easy and affordable with these "buy some, make some" meals:

Just Desserts

Have your dessert and eat your fruit too with these simple solutions for deliciousness:

  • Easy Lemon Trifle: Fold 365 Everyday Value® Organic Nonfat Lemon Yogurt into whipped cream. Layer with cubed pound cake, plums and nectarines.

  • Peach Ginger Fling: This creamy, cool dessert has full fruity flavor, ginger snaps for zing and chia seeds for nutrients and texture.

  • Shortcut Fig Shortcakes: Top halved shortcakes or scones from our bakery with 365 Everyday Value® Organic Nonfat Vanilla Yogurt, ripe quartered figs and a drizzle of honey.

  • Heaven from the Grill: Grill slices of angel food cake and top with fresh berries and whipped cream, like in this recipe for Cherry Ambrosia.

  • Berry-licious Ice Cream Sandwiches: Mix roughly chopped fresh berries into softened vanilla ice cream. Spread between chocolate chip cookies, wrap in wax paper and freeze until solid.

  • Minty Melon Refresher: Top a bowl of lemon sorbet with chilled watermelon chunks and a little fresh mint.

If these meal ideas have you inspired, then turn to the Back-to-School issue of The Whole Deal value guide. With $40 in coupons, more than a dozen Sure Deals, 9 new budget recipes, a healthy family dinner planner and much more, you'll be able to savor the last of summer sweetness all while getting in gear for the school year.What quick meals do you turn to when the pace picks up?

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