Fun Ways to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

Hosting a New Year’s Eve party? We’ve got theme ideas, tips and recipes to get the party started!

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We’re almost through the last of the holidays, but before this year comes to an end, there is yet one more special holiday to celebrate: New Year’s Eve.

I love New Year’s Eve. It’s a celebration of the past year — embracing both hardships and happiness — and a warm welcoming of the year to come. Plus, who doesn’t love another excuse to share food, drink and laughter with loved ones.

Here are a few fun ideas to celebrate the big night.

Multi-Course Meal

Invite a group of friends over for a special evening. Whether you provide the entire sit-down dinner or have a potluck where everyone contributes, print menus and dress up. No reservations or paid parking required!

Game Night

The best part of the evening is often when someone gets out the board games, so why not make that the focus of the evening? Be mindful of your audience (family friendly), and if there are children, it’s nice to have a few games for them to play on their own too.

Wine Tasting

For something elegant that doesn’t require hours of prep in the kitchen, plan a wine tasting. Build a simple cheese plate opens in a new tab, and don’t forget to save the sparkling wine for midnight. Check out our favorite wines for the season opens in a new tab, and if you need advice on pairings or more, ask one of our Specialty team members for help.

Good Luck Party

Quite a few cultures around the world associate certain foods with bringing fortune and good luck in the new year. Serve your guests some lucky foods opens in a new tab like noodles, a whole fish, lentils and greens for a tasty way to celebrate the year to come. This is often done on New Year’s Day, but hey — rules are meant to be broken, right?


Who doesn’t love a big bubbling pot of melted, gooey cheese and a platter of bread, sausage and vegetables to go with it? Fondue is a showstopper, and it requires little prep time. Try this Classic Le Gruyère Fondue opens in a new tab recipe or double the dose of bubbly by adding a little extra Champagne to the mix like in this Champagne Cheddar Fondue. opens in a new tab

Mystery Box Challenge

Combine games and dinner into a single event. Break your guests into pairs or groups. If the kids are savvy in the kitchen, this can be a really fun activity for the whole family. Each group will be responsible for cooking one course, but another group will select the ingredients they must use. The ingredients aren’t revealed until just before the cooking starts. Just don’t forget that you’ll be eating the foods you choose for the other team, so don’t get too crazy!

Whether your party includes staging a murder mystery, a roaring 20’s speakeasy, or karaoke along with 2014’s biggest hits, no one will balk at a classic New Year’s Eve cocktail party menu opens in a new tab including Curried Crab on Crackers, Sweet Potato Bacon Bites and Apple-Pomegranate Fizz. For more cocktail inspiration, check out the collection of our favorite cocktails and punches opens in a new tab. opens in a new tab

No matter what you do this year, remember New Year’s Eve should be low stress, lots of fun and spent with people you enjoy. Check out more food ideas for your New Years Eve party opens in a new tab on Pinterest. 

How will you ring in the New Year? Share your ideas below!

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