Get Cooking with Cashew Nuts

While cashews are delicious simply roasted and eaten out of hand, they can do so much more including star in dairy-free recipes from pastas to dressings to desserts.

My love for cashew nuts began many years ago in a small, local Chinese hangout in downtown Honolulu where I enjoyed an amazing beef and tofu dish with fresh Asian vegetables and roasted cashew nuts. Not long after, while in Bombay, India, I was served steamed basmati rice flavored with ghee, caraway seeds and roasted cashews. I had discovered a little bit of heaven — cashews!

I still enjoy cashews today but in ways I never could have imagined. You see, it used to be that cashews were eaten like any ordinary nut. They were roasted and salted and eaten out of hand or perhaps chopped and added to cookies or granola. Most of us could never have dreamed cashews would become the star of so many innovative dairy-free recipes like Lemony Cashew Dressing opens in a new tab for salads and slaw and Creamed Kale opens in a new tab made creamy with cashews, miso and spices.

Lemony Cashew Dressing

Lemony Cashew Dressing opens in a new tab

Raw cashews are mild in flavor. They become “milky” once soaked and blended. Roasting, on the other hand, adds flavor and depth to cashews making them ideal for baked goods, cereals and garnishes. Whether raw or roasted, cashews make a delicious addition to a variety of foods. Here are some of my favorite ideas:

Lentil Curry with Cashews and Yogurt

Lentil Curry with Cashews and Yogurt opens in a new tab

These recipes use cashews to replace dairy for a creamy, milk-like flavor and texture:

Raspberry Nice Cream

Raspberry Nice Cream opens in a new tab

What’s your pick for a delicious cashew nut recipe? I’d love to know.

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