Get in the Game with Winning Recipes

My most pressing concern at this point isn’t which team will win, but rather: What’s on the game-watching menu?

Game Day is rapidly approaching — February 6th for those of you living in a sports blackout. Honestly, my most pressing concern at this point isn’t which team will win, but rather:  What’s on the game-watching menu opens in a new tab? From pre-game nibbling all the way through touchdown favorites and, finally, post-game pick-me-ups, we’ve pulled together our favorite winning recipes. The Pre-Game Show If your game day festivities involve hours of pre-game chat, you’ll need sustenance to make it through. Here are some of our favorite appetizers.

More appetizers opens in a new tab The Game Plan If you’re hosting a game-watching party, make it easy on yourself by cooking a big pot of chili. Set out all the fixings—shredded cheese, sour cream, diced avocado, chopped cilantro, lime wedges, hot sauce and more — so guests can serve themselves at their convenience. And you won’t be responsible for anyone missing a big play.

More chilis, soups and stews opens in a new tab Post-Game Wrap-Up While everyone waits for the awarding of the trophy, reward your guests with cookies and hot chocolate — always a winning combination.

More desserts opens in a new tab What foods are part of your game-watching ritual?

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