Get to Know Cherimoya

With a creamy, custardy texture, cherimoya is a fruit that's often described as a cross between a banana and a pineapple but smells very similar to a mango. Learn why we love it.

Have you tried cherimoya? Popular in India, the Mediterranean, and southern California, just the thought of a cherimoya brings back fond memories for people who grew up enjoying its unique flavor and texture. Even Mark Twain declared it the most delicious fruit known to man!

This fragrant fruit native to Central and South America is staging a comeback and showing up in produce aisle more and more. Tired of the same old bananas, apples, and oranges? Give cherimoya a try!

What is it?

Cherimoya is a tropical fruit that looks a bit like an oversized apple or pear with flat scales. The interior is creamy white, with large black seeds studded throughout. It is sometimes called a “custard apple” (a name that can also refer to the related sugar-apple fruit).

While cherimoya has its own unique flavor, some liken it to bananas, pineapples, mangoes, and even strawberries! 

How to use Cherimoya

Cherimoya should be purchased when the fruit is somewhat firm, and then stored at room temperature until slightly soft. Storing in the refrigerator will make the skin turn brown, but will not affect the taste. The fruits can be quite large, and be sure to select one that feels heavy for its size.

Cherimoya is delightful eaten without any preparation — simply slice in half and scoop out the soft flesh with a spoon – avoiding the seeds. The soft texture and sweet, mild flavor makes it an ideal first food as in our Mango Cherimoya Baby Food opens in a new tab

Here are some other delicious ways to enjoy cherimoya:

  • Use to make ice cream or sorbet.

  • Combine with other fruits for a tropical fruit salad opens in a new tab.

  • Mash and stir into your favorite muffin or pancake batter.

  • Dice and combine with red onion and jalapeño for a sweet-spicy salsa.

  • Blend into a morning smoothie.

  • Purée and create your own fruity sauce or salad dressing.

  • Blend with other fruits for a chilled dessert soup.

Have you tried cherimoya? Share your favorite ways to eat it!
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