Get to Know Dulse

Fan of bacon? Dulse is one of the most buzzed-about ingredients right now. Here's why you should consider adding this sea veggie to your meals.

While many of us only eat seaweed when it arrives with our sushi order, dulse is a hot ingredient begging for your attention. Dulse is a variety of seaweed that resembles leafy red lettuce when fresh. Its flavor will definitely remind you of the ocean — its minerality makes it a great stand-in for salt. Some even say that dulse tastes like bacon!

Fresh dulse can be hard to find, but many stores sell it dried in both whole-leaf and flaked varieties, in the international foods aisle. You may also find it ground into a powder, or added to pre-mixed spice blends.

Tofu-Seaweed Wraps with Wasabi

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Store dried dulse in a dark, cool place like your pantry, and it should keep for about two years. If you are using whole dried dulse leaves, be sure to examine the fronds and remove any debris before cooking.

Here are some great ways to incorporate dulse:

  • Mix flaked dulse into homemade salad dressings.

  • Use dried flakes to sprinkle over popcorn opens in a new tab.

  • Add strips of whole-leaf dulse to your favorite pickled vegetables.

  • Sprinkle flakes over your morning eggs.

  • Steep whole-leaf dulse in water for a restorative and savory “tea.”

  • Mix flaked dulse into homemade cracker dough.

  • Add to a bowl of ramen.

  • Sprinkle flaked dulse over a baked potato to amp up the flavor of a classic.

Have you tried dulse? Share your favorite recipes!

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