Get to Know Labneh

Greek yogurt hasn’t stopped its rise to the top of the yogurt crop, but we’re embracing other ways to get in our smooth, creamy dairy fix. One thing we’re loving right now? Labneh!

Sure, Greek yogurt is great, but we’re embracing other ways to get our smooth, creamy dairy fix. Right now, we're loving Labneh!

What is Labneh?

Labneh is an ultra-strained yogurt that is thick and tangy. It is used as a topping for savory dishes, with fruits spooned over the top, mixed with herbs and spices for a spread, and more.

Labneh is most popular in the Middle East, where it is a standard component of mezze platters and sandwiches. Many people also eat it for breakfast or with olive oil and dipped with pita. It is low in natural sugars and high in protein.

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How to Enjoy Labneh

To make labneh at home, all you need is Greek yogurt, cheesecloth and a colander. Line the colander with the cheesecloth, add the yogurt, and set it over a bowl to drain for up to 24 hours.

The texture and taste of labneh changes, depending on how long it is strained. For dips, straining for a few hours will be long enough. If you would like to use labneh as a spread, strain it overnight in the refrigerator, and it will become very thick like cream cheese.

Here are few more ways to enjoy labneh:

  •  Mixed with fresh herbs opens in a new tab

  • Topped with fresh fruit and honey

  • Spread onto sandwiches

  • Stuffed into grilled fruits

  • Served on a mezze platter with pita, falafel, and hummus

  • Mixed with minced vegetables for a savory spread

  • Rolled into balls and stored in olive oil

  • Dolloped onto frittatas or omelets

  • Spooned into stews or tagines

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