Going Nuts for Cashews

Rich cashews are lower in total fat than most nuts, always a crowd favorite and particularly flavorful in baked goods and curries and as a spread or dip.

Cashews are native to South America but are cultivated today in many tropical regions. There are several varieties, some are quite large (called “jumbo cashews”), and others quite small, comparatively. The nut is actually a seed that grows on the end of the cashew “apple”, an edible fruit known in tropical regions but unfamiliar in America and Europe due to its fragility which makes it unsuitable for shipping and transporting. This rich, curved nut — which is actually lower in total fat than most nuts — is always a crowd favorite and particularly flavorful in cookies and cakes.I first learned to love cashews in Indian food. My all-time favorite is roasted cashews stirred into steamed basmati rice, flavored with cumin or caraway seeds and a dab of ghee. 

Lentil Curry with Cashews and Yogurt opens in a new tab is a delicate blend of vegetables and Indian curry spice and is also very delicious!

You can enjoy cashew nuts in a variety of dishes for breakfast to dessert.

Do you have a good recipe or idea for cashew nuts? I’d love to know.

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