The Great Sandwich Stack-Up


Most people don't raise turkeys so the only way they have any indication of the real cost of sliced turkey on a sandwich is the price at the store. Well, our turkey standards prohibit animal by-products in feed and require space for normal turkey behavior. So isn't it worth it that when a turkey is raised with these standards its meat costs more?Let's breakdown a turkey sandwich to see how our health-saving sandwich-making suggestions stack up. Then you can decide for yourself if it's worth it. Of course, we think it is.

  • BREAD: Seeduction™ bread (get a coupon in The Whole Deal in-store guide) or whole wheat sandwich bread made without artificial dough conditioners and preservatives is about 14¢ more per sandwich compared to leading conventional brand whole wheat sandwich bread.

  • MUSTARD: Organic Mustard helps you avoid exposure to pesticides with your sandwich and is less than 2¢ more per serving.

  • LETTUCE: Organic Lettuce is another good choice for your health and that of the planet and costs about $1.00 more per head (that's approximately 15 sandwiches worth).

  • TOMATO: Tomatoes taste best (and have more nutrients) when they are picked ripe, so look for local and in season, as well as organic. Local may cost less, organic about 20% more.

  • SLICE O'CHEESE: 365 Everyday Value® Organic Sliced Cheese has the benefits of organic including that it's made from the milk of cows not given synthetic hormones (rBST) and it only costs about 5¢ more per slice.

  • SLICE O'TURKEY: Lunchmeat that doesn't contain artificial colors, flavors or preservatives such as added synthetic nitrates or nitrites and from animals raised to meet our animal welfare standards- you get all that for about 25¢ more per slice.

So how does that stack up? For only about 65¢ more you get a superior sandwich plus health savings!Keep in mind, we did our best to estimate the cost of sandwich ingredients, but there's always a chance things add up a little differently in your neck of the woods.

If that built up your healthy-sandwich appetite, give yourself some TLC.  Some TLC Sandwiches that is.  Our Tofu, Lettuce and Cucumber Sandwiches are a fun twist on a BLT with the easy homemade salty, smoky baked tofu standing in for bacon. Or check out more suggestions, from us and our readers, for building a healthy sandwich opens in a new tab. Then share your own!If you have really impressive healthy-lunch-making skills, you might want to enter our Pack-a-Lunch Contest opens in a new tab. Just tell us what you're making for lunch, including a protein, a whole grain, and at least one serving each of fruits and vegetables and you'll be entered to win a $50 Whole Foods Market gift card!The Whole Deal value guide opens in a new tab has lots more healthy-saving, money-saving recipes, tips and deals. Plus over $45 in coupons opens in a new tab are available in the in-store guide and online!What's the one sandwich ingredient you never scrimp on?

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