Green-Themed Grub

Not only is it in the spirit of the day but eating green foods can be good for you too.

From wearing green clothes to drinking green beer, everyone seems to be Irish on St. Patrick’s Day.

Why not take it one step further and eat green food, too?

Not only is it in the spirit of the day but eating green foods can be good for you too. How lucky! Here are some of our favorite green foods and recipes to inspire your menu on March 17th and beyond.


Incorporate baby spinach into your morning and start the celebration early with a Get Your Greens Smoothie.

Lunch: Enjoy a Quick Hummus and Vegetable-Stuffed Pita packed full of your favorite green veggies like cucumber, lettuce, avocado and sprouts.

Or get your green on with mini pizzas. Raw spinach (or kale leaves) make a surprising pesto for this good-for-you pizza.

Snacks: Are you a salty snacker? Try Roasted Kale Chips with Parmigiano-Reggiano.

They’re a crowd-pleaser as snack or a side! Using green garbanzos instead of the regular dried variety, make a green hummus to brighten up your afternoon. Double down on green with this tasty guacamole, featuring edamame and avocado.

It’s great as a dip or sandwich spread. Or try Baked Feta with Kale Pesto, delicious bites that pack on the green and the flavor.


Soup, Salads and Sides Consider serving Creamy Spring Asparagus Soup on it's own or as the start of a meal. Follow the veggie rainbow to this kale slaw of gold . . . red and green! It’s perfect for a potluck too.

This Lentil and Couscous Salad with Arugulatriples the green factor with green lentils, arugula and pesto. Yum, yum and yum. Alternatively serve a Waldorf salad. It may be classically American, but you can make it holiday appropriate and get some of your greens too by adding kale.

Creamy Sesame Greens makes a gloriously green side dish.



Dinner: Serve up the classic St. Patrick’s Day feast of Corned Beef and Cabbage Rolls or try this twist on the popular Irish dish of Bubble and Squeak. (Funny name. Great taste.) Another tasty option is Cabbage and Cheddar Gratin.

Serve it alongside corned beef, or on its own as a vegetarian main dish.

You’re sure to like green eggs and ham in this Pancetta Pesto Souffle, especially when paired with a simple green salad.

Dessert: How about finishing the meal with something a little sweet and a little green like Carrot Zucchini Cupcakes?

Cranberry-Pistachio Oatmeal Lace Cookies, flecked with green nuts, hit the mark too.

Finally, don’t forget about green tea, an antioxidant drink with plenty of benefits. While it may not be your brew of choice on March 17th, it might just hit the spot the following day. Sláinte (to your health)!

Is your menu going green this St. Patrick’s Day? We’d love to hear what you have planned.

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