Halloween Pinsperation

Feeling crafty this Halloween? Check out these fun DIY projects to help you make this year’s celebration the most creative spooktacular ever.

Every year when mid-October rolls around I feel myself operating in full-blown panic mode. How did this happen?! Wasn’t the Fourth of July just last week? I typically need two things to happen quickly: a smidge of Halloween decorations and a costume of sorts. This year I was feeling a little crafty and hopeful these projects would not break the bank. Off to Pinterest opens in a new tab I go!

If you’re anything like me, you may have a few paper grocery bags hanging around. I like to think I’m the most responsible person who remembers a reusable bag every time I shop, but then again I’m only human. I decided to search Pinterest for decorations and costumes using recycled paper bags as the main material. I tackled one decoration and one costume. I’ve also listed a few pins for inspiration that are worth checking out from our board, The Fabulousness of Fall opens in a new tab.  

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Monster Door

This monster door project opens in a new tab spoke to me since I conveniently have a red front door. However, it would be fun with any door color, or you could cut out a red tongue to make a silly monster. The pinned tutorial is very straightforward. The only step I strayed from was that I did not have black or green paper. To bypass this, I taped the eyes to the paper bags and used markers for the eye color.

Monster door

Animal Mask

I often find myself gravitating toward woodland creature costumes for Halloween. You can easily decorate the face with makeup and wear monochrome colors for the body — faux fur optional. This year I chose a raccoon because I have the perfect black and white striped shirt to wear with black pants. I tend to compare raccoons to thieves in the night so you could do an all-black outfit too! Wearing a mask also adds to the bandit/thief theme.

Raccoon mask

This mask tutorial opens in a new tab has tons of other ideas to pick from as well. I didn’t deviate too far from the instructions, however, I didn’t use a mask template and freehanded the outline. I’m not an artist by any means so I have faith you can wing it too. I love the idea of adding leaves for accents or adding faux feathers for a bird mask.

More Paper Bag Pinsperations

Check out these creative projects to round out your Halloween!

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Keep in mind when you’re experimenting with projects from Pinterest that the designed steps do not have to be set in stone. If you need to substitute a different color option or material, go for it! Sometimes a “mistake” can lead to an even better outcome.

What is your favorite DIY Halloween decoration or costume to make? Let us know in the comments below.  

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