Happy N’ Healthy for Pets


Regular readers of this blog may wonder why I, the “meat guy,” am writing a post about pet food and treats. Well, here’s the deal. We ask a lot of our cattle ranchers in order to comply with our strict quality standards for beef, like no added growth hormones, no animal byproducts in their feed and no antibiotics — ever. And since they go the extra mile, I know that the best case scenario is for these ranchers to be able to gain the benefit of their extra efforts by selling every part of their cattle. That’s why I have been so supportive of working with Happy N’ Healthy Pet Products opens in a new tab.The folks at Happy N’ Healthy know that a lot of pet owners are concerned about high standards for what their dogs and cats eat too. All of the raw material for the Happy N’ Healthy pet line comes from ranchers whose beef is sold in our meat case (for humans) and that provides an outlet for these ranchers to sell parts of their cattle that people generally do not eat. I appreciate how this provides high quality meat for our pets while making sure that nothing goes to waste. Win-win in my book!

Happy N’ Healthy was one of the first to offer 100% natural beef dog bones produced from cattle that were never given antibiotics or added hormones. Other dog bones may come from conventionally raised cattle or from old dairy cattle whose bones, by their very nature, can be brittle and can splinter. But Happy N’ Healthy dog beef bones are minimally processed with enough moisture left in the bone to prevent splintering. There are no additives or flavorings or anything else added – just a wholesome treat for your dog.They also offer 100% Organic Beef Treats in two flavors – Beef Liver and Beef Lung.  These healthy treats for dogs are certified 100% organic and can be broken into bite-size pieces, according to your dog’s size and weight.  These U.S.-made treats were developed by a former head of animal nutrition at The Ohio State University and are made using only USDA-inspected ingredients with no preservatives, fillers, grains or artificial flavor. Their most recent product is sold exclusively in our stores: Raw Frozen Dog and Cat Foods. These are available in a 100% organic formulation for dogs as well as all-natural formulations for dogs and cats. Every ingredient is 100% organic or antibiotic free with no added hormones, and they contain no fillers, artificial ingredients or preservatives.The folks at Happy N’ Healthy plan to continue to grow their line of natural and organic pet treats and food. I plan to support them and hope you will as well.

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