A Harvest of Organic Values

Celebrate the flavor and value of Organic Harvest Month with the latest issue of The Whole Deal value guide and see if you can pass the organics quiz.

Ah, September…where summer meets fall and explodes with harvest-season flavor and value. It’s a great time for fresh seasonal produce and the purest, high-quality foods at the fairest prices. Which is why September is the perfect time to celebrate Organic Harvest Month! And celebrating we are, in the newest issue of The Whole Deal value guide opens in a new tab in stores and online now!It’s packed with quick and thrifty dinners opens in a new tabmore than $48 in coupons opens in a new tab20 Sure Deals opens in a new tab, 9 new budget recipes opens in a new tab and loads of organic values for stocking your fall pantry.Think you’ve got the 4-1-1 on organics? Take this quiz and find out:

  1. What percentage of a product must be made of organically produced ingredients to be labeled organic?

  2. When you want cheese, what is one way to stay away from synthetic growth hormones (rBGH/rBST)?

  3. How can you keep irradiated food off your table?

  4. What are some environmental benefits of organic farming practices?

  5. Does an organic chicken eat organically too?

Find the answers to these questions throughout the September/October issue of The Whole Deal opens in a new tab (PDF).How do you plan on celebrating Organic Harvest Month?

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