Health Starts Here...with Recipes!

Want to stay health-focused through the holiday craziness? Try these recipes designed to fit into weekly menu plans to help keep us balanced and energized throughout the holiday season.

With the holidays fast approaching, our thoughts are turning to holiday eating and also to how we can stay health-focused through the craziness. To that end, we wanted to take the opportunity to highlight some of the recipes we’ve created recently that we can work into our weekly menu plans to help keep us balanced and energized throughout the holiday season. Each recipe below was crafted with a focus on our Healthy Eating Four Pillars: Whole Foods, Healthy Fats, Plant Strong, and Nutrient Dense. So, no matter what dietary path you follow they’re a simple way to ensure your everyday meals are nutritious AND delicious. Plant-Strong Emphasize fresh and cooked vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts, seeds and whole grains — no matter what type of diet you follow.

Healthy Fats Get your fats from whole food plant sources, such as nuts, seeds and avocados.

Whole Foods Choose foods that are real, fresh, natural, organic, local, seasonal and unprocessed. That means a lot of cooking from scratch. Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

  • Learn to Cook: Quinoa This complete protein is light and fluffy in texture but has that whole grain ability to fill people up.

  • Learn to Cook: Brown Rice Cooking whole foods from scratch is easy—on the cook and the budget, too. Try cooking a pot of brown rice.

  • Learn to Cook: White Beans Cook a pot of beans on the weekend and then you’ll have them on hand during the week for adding to salads, stirring into soups, making bean dips, and more.

Nutrient Dense Go for foods that are packed with nutrients when compared to their total caloric content, and choose foods that contain a wide spectrum of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and antioxidants.

Check back in the coming weeks and months for more featured Health Starts Here recipes, including holiday options, where we’ll be highlighting ingredients, cooking techniques, and check out our growing collection of recipes highlighting our Healthy Eating Four Pillars.

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