Healthy Recipes for Spring


I’ve never been very interested in keeping house; scrubbing and cleaning are just not my strong suits.

My talents shine in the kitchen.

So, when it’s time for spring cleaning, I eschew the mop and bucket and instead chew on leafy vegetables and fiber-rich foods that leave me nourished and energized.

Fiber is only found in plant foods. Unprocessed whole plant foods contain all of their naturally occurring fiber.

The fiber content is often reduced once foods are refined and processed. That’s just one of the reasons our Health Starts Here™ recipes focus on highlighting whole plant foods.

These healthy recipes opens in a new tab are a wonderful way to support your body and keep you (ahem) going strong.

Beans Not only are beans packed with fiber they’re also incredibly versatile, and cheap, too.

Black Bean Hummus opens in a new tab is so easy to prepare and makes a great snack or sandwich spread. Looking for a way to stretch a meal, and get a bigger bang for your bucks and for your time?

Try making a big batch of Quick and Easy Veggie Chili opens in a new tab, then use any remaining chili to make these Baked Chili Potatoes opens in a new tab and Veggie Chili Enchiladas opens in a new tab later in the week. The addition of whole grains to beans amps up the fiber factor, such as in the Celebration Lentil Loaf opens in a new tab, this Red Beans and Rice Soup opens in a new tab, and the Southwest Veggie Burgers opens in a new tab.

Want to try something new? The Sprouted Mung Beans Greek Salad opens in a new tab requires no cooking and is a beautiful dish for spring.




Greens Make sure to get some of the gorgeous green hues of the season on your plate too. Spring is my favorite time for eating greens since they're often the most tender and mild tasting at this time of year.

Plus, adding more greens to any dish not only increases the fiber content, but also boosts the nutrient content with their vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Beans and greens are a nutritionist’s dream. Pair them together in dishes like Spinach Salad with Aduki Beans opens in a new tab, Collard Rolls opens in a new tab and Mediterranean Crunch Salad opens in a new tab. You can also keep your fiber-rich veggies crunchy and raw.

Try the Rainbow Kale Slaw opens in a new tab, Cabbage Slaw with Gala Apples and Walnuts opens in a new tab or make a Big Beautiful Salad with Lemon-Miso Dressing opens in a new tab.

Some other gorgeous gems for your plate: Bok Choy with Carrots opens in a new tab, Creamy Sesame Greens opens in a new tab, Kale with Honeyed Macadamia Nuts opens in a new tab and Broccoli Salad with Walnuts and Currants opens in a new tab.





Seeds The use of seeds shouldn’t be limited to the garden. They also bring a variety of nutrients to your dishes, including fiber, protein and healthy fats.

Chia Pudding opens in a new tab is one of my favorite recipes to recommend for some adventurous, and nutritious, eating.

Hemp seeds are another more uncommon food to try, and they’re so easy to use. Try them in Baked Breakfast Quinoa opens in a new tab and Fruit and Hemp Seed Muesli opens in a new tab.


Looking for more fiber-rich recipes that highlight whole plant foods? Use our Advanced Recipe Search opens in a new tab and choose the Special Diets box “High Fiber” while limiting your search to "Health Starts Here" dishes.

What are some of your favorite recipes to keep the spring in your step in spring?

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