Help a Child Thrive

Learn how Vitamin Angels is nourishing children across the globe, and how you can help.

The statistics are sobering: nearly one third of the world’s children are undernourished.In the face of such privation, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Fortunately, effective intervention is within reach.

Vitamin supplementation is a low-cost, high-impact strategy for improving a child’s life. According to the World Health Organization opens in a new tab, a twice-yearly dose of Vitamin A can reduce child mortality by 23% or more.

The cost? Just 25¢ per child.

Small Choices, Big Impact

Whole Foods Market® makes it easy to make a difference. Right now, when you choose specially marked supplement products in our stores, a portion of your purchase goes to Vitamin Angels opens in a new tab, a nonprofit that distributes vitamin A and other lifesaving nutrients to undernourished children.

Look for specially marked products from these companies that support Vitamin Angels*:

*The selection of brands and products varies by store location. Each company contributes in a unique way.

Last year, Whole Foods Market customers helped generate more than $100,000 for Vitamin Angels — enough to reach over 400,000 children with essential nutrients! Overall, in 2012 Vitamin Angels reached nearly 27 million children in 49 countries (including the US).

Vital Vitamin A

My mom used to tell me to eat carrots for super-powered night vision. While that may be an urban legend opens in a new tab, it’s not entirely off base. Carrots are a very good source of vitamin A, and vitamin A is essential to healthy vision. In addition, children’s developing bodies need vitamin A to build strong immune systems that will help fight disease.

Now that I’m a mom myself, I want my son to get the nutrients he needs. I’m also passionate about helping children around the world to survive and thrive. I’m grateful for this opportunity to do both things at once, and I hope you’ll join me in supporting Vitamin Angels with your shopping power!

What supplements do you take regularly? Will you be looking for specially marked products that support Vitamin Angels?

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