Help Create a Climate for Change

Have you heard about The Prince’s Rainforests Project opens in a new tab? His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales is asking everyone to help send the world’s biggest SOS on behalf of the rainforests before the international climate change meetings are held by the United Nations in Copenhagen this December.The rainforests are a rich, green belt that surrounds the world at the equator and contain over half the living plant and animal species on the planet. Without their services in storing greenhouse gases, creating oxygen and rainfall, and providing a home to the most important array of biodiversity on the planet, our Earth would be a very different place and certainly one uninhabitable by mankind.Vast quantities of carbon are stored in the trees and soils of tropical forest areas. When they are burned and cleared this is converted into carbon dioxide, which helps to accelerate climate change. Recent estimates say that some 17% of greenhouse gases come from deforestation. Tropical rainforests are also removing about 15% of the carbon dioxide we are releasing. Clearing the rainforests thus creates a double whammy for the climate – it creates a source of emissions and at the same time removes a vast natural sink.Check out this video and sign up to send your Rainforest SOS to the world. The future of the rainforest is our future too.
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