Herb Gardening

In this episode of Urban Eco, host Amy Devers shares quick tips on growing your own culinary herbs. You’ll be snipping and saving before you know it!

Do you dream of snipping your own fresh herbs to use in a recipe? It’s easier than you think and saves money, too! See for yourself in the latest episode of Urban Eco. Host Amy Devers shares a bunch of quick tips on growing and using culinary herbs. Here are a few:

  • Snip just the amount you need from a variety of places on the living plant. The trimming will stimulate consistent growth for a beautiful, long-lasting plant.

  • Tie fresh herbs together in bunches to infuse flavors in soups and stews. This is known as a bouquet garni. Remove the bundle from the pot before serving.

  • If you’re substituting fresh herbs for dried herbs in cooking, use one tablespoon of chopped fresh herbs for each teaspoon of dried herbs called for in a recipe.

What’s your favorite herb to grow and your favorite way to use it?

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