Hilary's Eat Well

Food allergies never stopped Hilary Brown from enjoying what she eats. In fact, they inspired her to create “The World’s Best Veggie Burger.”

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Hilary's Eat Well

Food allergies never stopped Hilary Brown from enjoying what she eats. Instead, they inspired her to share exciting, new taste discoveries with others.

“I had been a passionate cook for many years when I found out I had significant food intolerances and allergies in 2003,” Hilary says. “So I cleaned out my cupboards and completely changed my diet.”

Hilary also decided to attend culinary school and in 2005, opened a healthy fast food restaurant called Local Burger in her hometown of Lawrence, Kansas. That’s where she first introduced The World’s Best Veggie Burger, a name coined by loyal customers.

Hilary's Eat Well

Before bringing her burgers to our frozen foods aisle, Hilary had already spent years cultivating relationships with suppliers to ensure that every ingredient, right down to the precise type of salt, met her exacting standards. She even made sure the burgers could be cooked in the toaster for easier prep, minimal energy needed to reheat and fewer dishes to wash.

Hilary’s veggie burgers are made without nuts, egg, dairy, corn, gluten, yeast or soy and are Non-GMO Project verified opens in a new tab. Millet and quinoa give The World’s Best Veggie Burger a hearty texture and flavor, while Hilary’s Spicy Green Chili Adzuki Bean Burger is made with the same grains, plus bold flavor from garlic, green chiles, chipotle powder and lime.

Hilary's Eat Well

"We think carefully about how each ingredient impacts people and the planet,” Hilary explains. “With every ingredient, we ask ourselves big questions about the costs — and not just economic ones. We consider the person, soil, air, water. We look at the whole system. Our millet is a great example — it's a complete protein and a drought tolerant crop."

What are your favorite “fixins” for The World’s Best Veggie Burger?

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