Hip-Hop Hooray for Easter Goodies

Hop on over to our stores and get some goodies to fill your Easter baskets. These are sweet treats that every bunny will be happy to eat.

I have very fond memories of waking up on Easter morning to a basket of goodies from the Easter Bunny. The Bunny (aka my mom) couldn’t afford to buy a bunch of stuff, but what she did buy was thoughtful and lovingly put together in a pretty wicker basket that we used year after year.I’ve kept the tradition going with my family. This year, I found a cute little yellow tub that I’ll use as a “basket” and later reuse to store toys. I’ve collected some fun gifts—a small watering can, a couple of books, a little notebook and pen—things that can be enjoyed long after the Bunny has hopped away. Of course, I need to add a little candy, because what’s Easter without chocolate eggs or bunny ears to bite?Fortunately, we’ve got some sweet options in our stores that I can feel okay about giving my sweetie. Plus, they are tasty enough for his daddy and me, too.Divine Chocolate Easter Chocolate

  • Fun Easter-themed treats: Milk Chocolate Easter Bunnies, Milk Chocolate Mini Eggs, 70% Dark Chocolate Mini Eggs, or Speckled Eggs

  • Chocolates made from fair trade cocoa beans, sugar and vanilla

  • The world’s first farmer-owned chocolate brand; co-owned by a cocoa cooperative in Ghana, Africa

  • Farmer-owners share in company profits, have seats on the board and a voice in global trade

  • Meet the farmer-owners and watch their stories on Divine’s website opens in a new tab

Endangered Species All-Natural Chocolate Bars, All-Natural Pouches and Organic Chocolate Bars

  • Made with chocolate sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified opens in a new tab cocoa farms

  • The farm cooperatives that grow the cocoa foster responsible labor practices, support good farming practices and help enrich the community

  • 10% of net profits are donated to help support species, habitat and humanity

Annie’s Organic Easter Bunny Fruit Snacks

  • Fun bunny shapes—perfect for the Easter basket

  • Made with real fruit juice, these treats are packed with vitamin C

  • No artificial colors

Whole Foods Market® Chocolate Covered Fruit Medley

  • A selection of dried cranberries, cherries, apricot,  blueberries, mango and raisins covered in premium milk, dark and white chocolate

  • Packed in a tray you can set out to serve spring guests or put just the amount you want into pretty packages tied up with a bow for your little bunnies’ baskets

Ears up, all you Easter Bunnies out there, it’s really important to keep in mind your child’s age when selecting your treats, as some could pose a choking hazard to the littlest ones. Your child’s pediatrician is a great resource for help on deciding what’s appropriate for your child’s age group.What does the Easter Bunny put in your kids’ baskets?

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