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Discover which popular beach destinations are near some of our stores. Don’t forget to pick up some of summer’s best beach essentials before you go!

Traveling on vacation this summer? We want to go with you! Or maybe just find us when you get there. Many of our stores are just a hop, skip or a subway/tube/bus stop from many of your favorite summer destinations. Over the summer, we’ll be featuring stores near destinations around the U.S., U.K. opens in a new tab and Canada that are conveniently located near vacation destinations like historical landmarks, beaches, artsy opens in a new tab and adventurous escapades opens in a new tab, festivals and more!To many, summer means heat. Sweat. Maybe even humidity. For those of us facing a spate of triple-digit temperatures, there comes a point when it’s easier to just embrace summer—sure there’s some heat and a little wilting happening, but summer days are also sun-drenched and bright! Summer means trips to the beach and sandcastles and splashing in the surf. North, south, east or west, the U.S. has beaches around the country. If you’re planning to visit one this summer, we’ve got you covered with fun activities in and around some popular beach destinations. Remember to check our store list opens in a new tab to find out which stores are closest to your beach of choice to pick up essentials like sunscreen, flip flops and picnic foods!

Hawaii: Honolulu and Maui

Hawaii’s famous beaches are vast and picture-perfect. If you’re in Honolulu and love to surf, try renting a surfboard or enrolling in a surf class opens in a new tab to take on Hawaii’s big blue waves. To see Honolulu from another perspective, launch off on a helicopter tour opens in a new tab or visit the Polynesian Cultural Center opens in a new tab to experience Hawaiian music and entertainment. If you’re visiting Maui, take a glass bottom boat tour opens in a new tab or go snorkeling opens in a new tab to get a peek at underwater life or embark on a kayak tour opens in a new tab to paddle around in it! For a change of scenery, take a downhill bike tour down Haleakala opens in a new tab (a massive shield volcano in Maui) or drive down the Road to Hana opens in a new tab, a route with incredible waterfalls and lush landscapes.

Local Whole Foods Markets: Honolulu opens in a new tab, Maui opens in a new tab

Florida: Miami

Miami’s South Beach neighborhood (or SoBe, for the nickname inclined) is known for hot nightlife and hot beaches, so opportunities for fun in Miami abound! Speed around Miami with a splash by taking a Jet Ski tour opens in a new tab or explore underwater wrecks off of the shoreline by signing up for dive and snorkel trips opens in a new tab. If you’re interested in exploring some of Miami’s fabulous design and architecture, try a walking tour of Miami’s Art Deco District opens in a new tab. If you are going out at night, know that it’s not uncommon for bars and clubs to stay open until five a.m., so when you’re planning your day and night (…and next morning), pace yourself accordingly!

Local Whole Foods Market: South Beach opens in a new tab

New York: Long Island

Long Island’s Atlantic beaches are excellent for finding natural treasures like seashells, sand dollars and driftwood. (Just remember to limit yourself to a handful in order to preserve the natural setting!) Other ways to enjoy Long Island’s landscape include horseback rides opens in a new tab around sand dunes and maritime forests, golfing opens in a new tab on sloping public courses and taking trolley tours opens in a new tab around Long Island’s vineyards.

Local Whole Foods Markets: Jericho opens in a new tab, Manhasset opens in a new tab, Lake Grove Commons opens in a new tab

California: Venice, Santa Monica and Santa Barbara

With over 1,000 miles of beach along the coast, California might be the perfect place to become a beach aficionado. If you’re in the Venice area, visit the famed Venice Beach Boardwalk opens in a new tab; a virtual sidewalk circus of entertainers and performers. Santa Monica’s Annenberg Community Beach House opens in a new tab is a hub of activity that is open to the public and includes a splash pad, gallery and beach rentals. If you enjoy biking along the beach, the South Bay Bicycle Trail (also known as The Strand) opens in a new tab offers a 22-mile stretch of paved path along the southern California beaches. For shorter excursions along the beaches of Santa Barbara, rent bicycles, tricycles and even 4-wheeled surreys opens in a new tab for tours that highlight popular areas.

Local Whole Foods Markets: Venice opens in a new tab, 5th and Wilshire opens in a new tab, Santa Barbara opens in a new tab

South Carolina: Charleston

Charleston’s relaxed southern charm makes it easy to relax and enjoy its beaches and beyond. Try camping or rent a cottage opens in a new tab at James Island County Park or catch a breeze by parasailing opens in a new tab over the other beach-goers.  Brave souls can see the dark side of this historic beach town by joining one of Charleston’s ghost tours opens in a new tab. Looking for a tour that’s a little less scary? Board a dinner cruise opens in a new tab on a yacht to see breathtaking views of the harbor.

Local Whole Foods Market: Charleston opens in a new tabWe know we didn’t cover all of the fabulous beaches. Leave a comment to tell us about your favorite beach destinations!

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