Holiday Brunching at its Best

While holiday dinners may get most of the attention, brunch is an easy way to entertain. We’ve got lots of holiday brunch inspiration including recipes from egg dishes and French toast to salads to parfaits.

Tortilla Breakfast Strata with Sausage and Green Chiles

Tortilla Breakfast Strata with Sausage and Green Chiles opens in a new tab

While spring might get accolades for its fabulous brunches, I’m a fan of the colder-weather style of brunching. After all, what better way to start a day of holiday shopping, crafting, or mix-and-mingling than with a fabulous brunch?

When I’m planning a brunch menu, I like to make sure I have a variety of dishes on the table. That means covering those who like savory in the morning, those who like sweet, and those who want something a little bit more special on their plate.

Casseroles and stratas are a great starting point for any brunch, because you can prepare it ahead of time and get it into the oven while you prep the rest of your spread. One of my favorites is this Tortilla Breakfast Strata with Sausage and Green Chiles opens in a new tab, which makes use of our 365 Everyday Value® Sausage to create a super-flavorful dish. These sausages are 5-Step® Animal Welfare Rated opens in a new tab and come from animals raised on vegetarian feed with no antibiotics, which means I can feel good about serving them to my guests. Mild Italian Chicken is my go-to flavor, but you can also try Pork, Mild Italian Pork, or Chicken in just about any breakfast strata. Or, simply form the sausage into patties for a flavorful accompaniment to Classic Scrambled Eggs opens in a new tab.

Now, seafood has had a place on the brunch buffet for a long time, but smoked salmon has moved past the simple bagel. Whole Catch® Smoked Salmon is cold smoked for deep flavor and a delicate texture, making it a glorious choice for Smoked Salmon Crêpes. opens in a new tab If you want to go more traditional, use this Responsibly Farmed opens in a new tab salmon as a filling for Herb Biscuits with Smoked Salmon and Creamy Chive Spread. opens in a new tab The fresh herbs give this seafood sandwich a fantastic punch of flavor!

Parmigiano Reggiano, Prosciutto and Arugula Flatbread

Parmigiano Reggiano, Prosciutto and Arugula Flatbread opens in a new tab

To bring your brunch to the next level, add prosciutto to the menu. Principe di San Daniele Prosciutto is made from animals rasied without antibiotics and has a fruity, slighty sweet flavor that is excellent alone or when paired with eggs or peppery greens like arugula. Make it in this brunch-worthy Arugula Salad with Roasted Butternut Squash and Prosciutto opens in a new tab, or use it as a stand-in for traditional bacon in hearty Collard Greens and Bacon English Muffins opens in a new tab.

And don’t forget those with a sweet tooth! Autumn raspberries are in season right now and I for one cannot get enough. Make a pan of festive Baked Eggnog French Toast opens in a new tab and top it with fresh raspberries for a sweet-tart dish. Or load raspberries into single-serve cups layered with yogurt and granola for a perfect breakfast parfait.


Are your brunch gears going? Check out these recipes for more inspiration:

One Dish Baked Pancakes and Sausage
Smoked Salmon Hash and Eggs
Braided Breakfast Danish
Mango, Raspberry and Cashew Cream Parfaits
Sweet Potato Waffles

Sweet Potato Waffles opens in a new tab

 What’s your favorite brunch dish? Share in the comments!

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